When it comes to dermatology, Sterling Heights residents might visit their doctor for a number of reasons. Laser treatments are common in this specialty and one option is the Nordlys laser. Learning more about the conditions this laser might help with gives you a better idea about whether it is a good choice for you and the health of your skin.

Reducing the Appearance of Veins

As you get older, it is not uncommon for veins in your legs and face to become more visible. This can have a negative impact on your confidence. This laser is able to reduce the appearance of these veins so that you can restore your youthful complexion on the face or the smooth and even tone of the skin on your legs.


Removing Scars

Scarring can be embarrassing, especially if it is significant or in an area that is constantly seen, such as your face. This laser can help to reduce scar appearance to help even the tone of your skin.

Reducing Acne

Laser treatment is being used more frequently to aid in treating acne. This specific type of laser might be beneficial for reducing breakouts. It could also help to decrease the look of acne scars.

Help With Sun Damage

One of the worst things for your skin is exposure to the sun. It can cause an array of problems, such as uneven skin tone, sun spots and even premature wrinkling and aging. The first step is implementing a good daily skincare routine and making sure to always wear a quality sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30. After this, talk to your doctor about this laser treatment to minimize the damage that has already been done.

Hair Removal

Having to shave most days of the week is time-consuming, and it can do a number on your skin. Laser hair removal prevents the need to do this and it makes it easier to take care of your skin. You will need to have more than one treatment to get full, long-lasting results. Your doctor will let you know the number of treatments necessary and any touch-up care that might be needed to maintain your smooth skin.

Tackling Nail Fungus

Fungus on your nails is known for being hard to treatment. If topical treatments are just not getting the job done, you might benefit from a laser treatment. The Nordlys can help to zap fungus and treat it so that your nails are restored.


The Nordlys laser can be beneficial for a number of issues associated with dermatology in Sterling Heights. Now that you know about the issues it might help with, you should sit down with your dermatologist and discuss whether it is the best choice for you.