Nordlys Laser Skin CareLooking at before and after pictures, laser skin treatments really seem like a miracle. They seem to just zap away common skin problems, although in reality, laser treatments don’t quite work like that. However, it’s not that far off. Depending on the laser, it focuses on veins and tissue to improve and/or correct different issues and ailments. One particular laser treatment that promises to be effective is the Nordlys laser.

How Does Nordlys Work?

Nordlys has multiple applicators that can target and treat different problems; this is what differentiates Nordlys from other laser treatments. One aspect is an infrared laser that treats large vessels, and another is a fractionated laser that targets aging skin. Its technology works on various areas. Previously, laser treatments struggled with being as focused and precise on small areas, and Nordlys makes it easier to treat accurately without impacting other areas of tissue. Nordlys has the flexibility to treat small areas, but also large areas.

What Does Nordlys Treat?

As we’ve mentioned, the Nordlys laser system can be used to treat a variety of issues. Among them, Nordlys can aid in:

  • Hair removal
  • Leg Veins
  • Sun-Damaged Skin
  • Scar Removal
  • Acne
  • Nail Fungus
  • Facial Veins

The Nordlys Difference

For years, laser skin treatments required dermatologists to use multiple lasers to focus on specific problem areas. The Nordlys laser is flexible, allowing for several functions in one unit. Many dermatologists agree that Nordlys is one of the biggest changes in light treatments.

Essentially, Nordlys replaces six lasers and creates a stand-alone system. What that means for the patient is a faster treatment time due to more advanced and customized settings!

Patient Comfort

Many advances have been made in laser skin treatments. These treatments now minimize pain and help eliminate harmful wavelengths and allow only the beneficial ones to come through.

In terms of healing, many laser treatments give a range of 7-10 days for healing. With Nordlys, you may be looking at the shorter end of the spectrum, as the photofacial therapy helps remove excess energy and heat, called selective-waveband technology (SWT) which can focus on the intended target.


Depending on your specific treatment, your aftercare will vary. In general, after laser skin treatment, you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen. Apply moisturizer generously to keep your skin hydrated, which speeds recovery,

For Sterling Heights residents, a cosmetic dermatology appointment is only an email or phone call away. Call your local dermatologist and discuss your laser skin care options.