The Nordlys Laser treatment method has come into the market and generated some major breakthroughs in terms of operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.  The Nordlys method utilizes the newest technological innovations to great effect for all kinds of skin conditions.


What are some of these technological innovations?  To begin with, the Nordlys Laser device combines fractional and infra-red lasers into a single package that is able to cover more skin.  This laser beam operates on a sub-millisecond pulse, allowing dermatologists to reach lesions deeper in the skin than ever before.  Another great feature for both dermatologists and patients is the option to use up to 8 selective waveband applicators.  This light-directed technology sends beams of light into the skin that is digested by the body and turned into heat, which in turn destroys the areas of concern.  This technology allows for a wide range of treatments in one session, making a single session far more productive than any other laser technology system.  Overall this means that patients require fewer visits for their treatment.


What are some of these treatment options that Nordlys Laser is designed for?


Photo Rejuvenation – We do not know the root cause of skin lesion and pigmentations.  It’s likely that a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors contribute to the growth of lesions or damages of some kind to the skin.  Whatever the causes may be, photo rejuvenation with the Nordlys Laser system seamlessly takes care of it.  The same light-generated treatment is effective for skin rejuvenation in general, especially for skin damaged by too much sun.


Vascular Lesions – Vascular lesions refer to disorders of the blood vessels that leave a visual marker on the skin.  They affect both men and women.  The lesions vary in size and location, and it is quite common for them to appear in the face or legs.  For a long time makeup was used to cover over smaller lesions, but thanks to Nordlys Laser technology this is no longer has to be the case.  The selective waveband technology will effectively target and remove lesions of any size.


Acne Vulgaris – Even acne can be treated effectively by the Nordlys method.  This is a breath of fresh air for those who are using different kinds of creams without seeing any improvement.


Consult with the Grosse Pointe Dermatology clinic to learn more about the Nordlys Laser treatment method – clinics in the Sterling Heights area may also use this excellent new technology.