Many people want to turn back the hands of time, but unfortunately, there has not been a fountain of youth discovery yet. Hence, they must look elsewhere for ways to slow down the aging process, at least from an appearance standpoint. Interested people are encouraged to visit experts on top-notch anti-aging procedures that are available in Sterling Heights – their local dermatologists.

Consider These Dermatological Treatments:

1. Resurfacing Options

Resurfacing the skin is essentially just as it sounds, where various techniques are used to transform the skin’s surface. Issues that are often corrected in this way are fine lines, blemishes, irregular pigmentation, and photoaging, which is caused by extended UVA or UVB exposure. The neck, chin, cheeks, jawline, and other areas can become rejuvenated with these methods. Patients should be sure to ask their dermatologist which treatments they recommend to achieve the best results for their needs. Some of the more common treatments include:

  • Skincare Products
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling
  1. Injectables

    There are different types of anti-aging procedures in Sterling Heights, and it is in an individual’s best interest to consult with their dermatologist to learn about each one, including injectables. Patients shouldn’t worry about pain when it comes to injectable treatments as there is only some minor discomfort associated with these procedures. However, many people don’t mind some mild discomfort to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, making it an ideal treatment for the neck, brow, and around the eyes and lips. It is notable to mention that results will vary from person to person, and they depend on things such as age, category, and even the injected substance. The three most common types of injectables are:

  • Collagen Stimulators
  • Neurotoxins
  • Traditional Fillers

Many people believe that injectable fillers are merely for the face; but that assumption is false. Many injectables are useful for tightening the skin in other places as well, such as the neck. As a person ages, collagen and elastin begin to break down, leaving empty, hollow spots behind. The fillers permeate these areas to improve sagginess and decrease fine lines. Results will vary from patient to patient according to which procedure is used. Patients should expect the benefits to last somewhere between 3 and 12-months.

The three most common types of fillers are collagen, synthetic, and hyaluronic acid gels. Synthetics are human-made substances created in a lab while the collagen option is retrieved from cows. Hyaluronic acid gels naturally occur in the body. They are often the most popular choice as they usually involve few side-effects. Regardless of what a patient is searching for, the solution may be more attainable than they think. All they need to do is schedule a consultation with a Sterling Heights dermatologist today.