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Look at What We Have Now at Grosse Pointe Dermatology

Superior Results – For anti-aging, VI Peel reverses the effects of sun damage, environmental factors and time, to enhance your skin’s natural beauty. The VI Peel will improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin and soften lines and wrinkles. It also will reduce or eliminate age spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation, including melasma.

For Acne – Highly effective in clearing acne and impurities and reduces the appearance of pore size.

Comfort and Convenience – VI Peel is virtually painless and the treatment takes only about 20 minutes. No skin preparation products are needed.

Minimal Healing Time – Enjoy young looking, more beautiful skin in about one week!

The VI Peel is set apart from other peels by the unique blend of ingredients:

TCA – Trichloroacetic Acid for penetration, deep scar healing; stimulates collagen growth

Retin – A – acid derived from vitamin A to combat wrinkles

Salicylic Acid – this beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) is an exfoliant

Phenol – has antiseptic and anesthetic properties; aids in skin penetration

Vitamin C – ascorbic acid bas antioxidant and mild exfoliation properties

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