Rejuvenate your skin to look younger, healthy and vibrant!   

Nothing is more beautiful than healthy skin. Your image is important to your self-confidence so if you’ve been considering cosmetic procedures to improve your appearance, the best place to start is with a consultation from a trusted professional. Dr. Balle is a board Certified Expert in minimally invasive facial aesthetics at Grosse Pointe Dermatology.

  • As you get older, your body produces less collagen. This causes your skin to lose elasticity and develop fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers can add volume to facial skin depression and also stimulate collagen production for long lasting results.
  • Skin Resurfacing treatments are helpful in addressing concerns such as acne scars, uneven pigmentation, poor skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles. You can look significantly younger and more refreshed.
  • Balle offers a variety of products, technologies and procedures to achieve your personal goal including injectables, lasers and surgical procedures.
  • We offer high-quality skin care lines, including moisturizers, serums and sunscreens that will improve texture, tone and promotion of healthy skin function. Dr. Balle will help you find the products that are right for you.

For more information about any of the procedures we offer or to make an appointment, contact Dr. David S. Balle at 313.886.2600.