lipsFor those who are wondering how to look younger almost overnight – take a look in the mirror, and consider the lips. Is the upper lip less full than it used to be? Is the bottom lip sagging more with the passage of time? These are common side-effects of the natural aging process and can easily be dealt with by a dermatologist. In fact, cosmetic dermatologists in Grosse Pointe have perfected the youthful lip injection procedure.


Keys To Youthful Lips


The structure of youthful lips is not hard to imagine. Think of Marilyn Monroe’s lips as the best example of classic youthful lips. The top lip should rest lightly on the bottom lip. The bottom lip should be larger than the upper lip, approximately twice the size (unless the patient has their own specifications). Definition is important in youthful lips, of course. Both lips need to have strong definition, which means they need to be full of strong and healthy skin. A common feature of youthful lips is the cupid’s brow, a look defined by curves in the upper and lower lip that meet at the center of the mouth. In order for this look to be achieved the lips need to reach maximum fullness right before the center of the mouth before sinking down slightly to meet in the middle.


These specifics can be achieved on almost everyone. The same measurements are not just copied and applied to every patient, of course. Dermatologists know that it is not flattering for someone with a smaller face to suddenly have huge lips that stand-out in an odd way. An experienced cosmetic dermatologist will know how to augment the lips to fit the facial characteristics of each individual patient.


It’s Not Just Volume, It’s Also Definition


Dermatologists pay close attention to the definition of lips, ensuring that the skin around the mouth no longer fades into the lips. Applying definition to the lips helps increase their volume without making them too plump.