Enhancing one’s skin used to be something reserved for only the elite population. Most people used to think that Hollywood actors and actresses or other famous individuals were the only ones who were lucky enough to go through treatments or skin care to make the signs of aging disappear. Tone, elasticity, moisture, and radiance are all things that diminish with age, and the fountain of youth has been a quest sought out by many. Too often, people think they have to live with the signs of aging–that it is unavoidable.

Progress in the Cosmetic Dermatology Field Provides Astonishing Results

Thanks to advances in cosmetic dermatology, these types of treatments have become commonplace. A growing number of people in Sterling Heights have taken advantage of Botox and other types of enhancements to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin. Skin that is softer, less brittle, and more youthful can be attainable for everyone. Dermatologists have a wide array of treatment solutions that can make lines, wrinkles, and crepey-looking skin disappear.

Cosmetic dermatology has gradually gotten better and better through the years, and the results people achieve by using skin care doctors in the Detroit area are astonishing. There are many procedures available at dermatology offices that will reverse the signs of aging and help individuals portray a more youthful appearance, which can actually affect their spirit and well being.

Grosse Pointe Dermatologists have a wide variety of procedures available such as:

  • Botox Cosmetic
  • Dysport
  • Sculptra
  • Voluma XC
  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Restylane Lyft
  • Restylane Silk
  • Radiesse
  • Kybella

Interested patients should find a doctor that will truly care about them and their skin. The doctor should be a master at providing individualized treatment options for people with skin problems who want to look and feel beautiful. It is better to work with a board- certified dermatologists that can provide trusted medical and cosmetic services for patients of all ages.

Reduce the Signs of Aging & Restore Skin

The signs of aging are inevitable, but people no longer need to sit back and accept it without a fight. There are lots of options available. With aging, the skin goes through several predictable changes. Skin is thinner, drier, has less elasticity, and has reduced collagen. With these changes, skin is more likely to wrinkle, sag, or appear “crepey.” This process can begin as early as age 30, and people who want to reverse these signs of aging are in luck, because right in Sterling Heights, there are dermatologists who specialize in restoring skin for their patients.

Facial Rejuvenation

Dermatologists treat the signs of aging by plotting out the right course of action for their patients. They can develop specific treatment regimens for patients who want to achieve a more youthful appearance with resurfacing options like chemical peels, micro-needling, or advanced skin care programs.

In addition, a quality cosmetic dermatologist can offer various treatment options using machines in their clinic known as “energy-based device therapy.”

Dermatologists in the Detroit area can also offer a wide variety of injectable options.

Grosse Pointe dermatologists administer substances that reduce fine lines or wrinkled skin via injection. Injectables will also treat folds, hollowing, and volume loss in patients.

The skin care experts can use the right injectables that are specific to each individual patient to weaken muscles and minimize dynamic lines such as crows’ feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. This will depend greatly on a patient’s age and skin issues.

Fillers are liquids and gels that are injected into the skin to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They can even add volume to lips, fill out hollows in the cheeks, and get rid of various other facial problems that develop over time. Fillers replace lost fat, and in turn get rid of the space that exists below the skin causing it to look hollow.

Collagen diminishes in the aging process, and skilled dermatologists are experts at injecting collagen stimulators into the skin to replace what has been lost to then amplify the spaces where it used to exist. The injected collagen restores the skin’s moisture and results in a more youthful appearance.

Regain Confidence a Youthful Feeling

Patients who elect to change something about their face due to the signs of aging comment that they not only look happier, they actually feel happier. With visibly firmer skin and the results that can be achieved at Detroit area dermatology clinics, patients are stunned at the youthful spirit they regain post treatment.

Lotions and serums only go so far, and when patients want to regain tone and elasticity in their skin and improve their overall appearance, they are able to turn to the cosmetic dermatologist to find solutions that will help boost their confidence. The procedures offered are clinically proven to achieve dramatic results, and best of all, they can be much more affordable than one might think.

Take One Step Closer to Younger-Looking Skin

A younger, more radiant look is something lots of people dream about, and luckily these dreams can become reality by scheduling a consultation appointment with a trained cosmetic dermatologist serving Grosse Pointe and beyond. Instead of dreaming about soft, less brittle skin, patients may be amazed at the truly remarkable results in improved texture and tone of their skin. The gratification is immeasurable, and the youthful spirit patients portray after their treatments are big reasons why patients trust their skin to the professionals. The “wow factor” is something people cannot really explain, but they certainly don’t look back after their procedures. Often times, they’re asking themselves why they waited so long to take steps in improving the signs of aging and regaining that youthful look.

Aging is inevitable, but living with the signs of it aren’t. Treatments are available right here in the Detroit area, and are not just reserved for the rich and famous. Those interested should look around for a trusted dermatologist and schedule a consultation to determine the right option for their needs today.