When it comes to dermatology, Grosse Pointe residents want to know when to make an appointment with this medical specialty. Your skin is your body’s defense against the world. Think of it as a suit of armor. It is constantly assaulted by the world around you and this can sometimes result in odd symptoms. There are certain symptoms that you should be mindful of because under certain situations, they warrant you making an appointment with your dermatologist for further evaluation.


A Mole That Changes

A changing mole is a possible symptom of skin cancer, so it is important that it is evaluated as soon as you notice the changes. In many cases, when skin cancer is caught early, it is treatable. However, it can be deadly when it goes unchecked. In addition to a change in a mole, the following are also skin changes that might occur with this type of cancer:

-Waxy or pearly bump

-Scar-like lesion that is brown or flesh colored

-Red and firm nodule

-Lesion that is flat with a surface that is crusted or scaly

An Unexplained Rash

Rashes are common and many causes are benign and will go away on their own with conservative treatment. For example, you might experience a rash if your skin is irritated by a new soap or detergent that you are using. Poison ivy and eczema are also common causes. However, it is also a possibility for a rash to be caused by something a bit more serious, such as an infection, so if you cannot explain the cause and it does not go away within a day or two, talk to your doctor.

Bruising That Does Not Go Away

Bruises happen because even slight injuries can sometimes cause blood vessels below the skin to burst. In most cases, bruises completely clear up within about 10 days. If your bruise lasts longer than this or gets worse, seeing your doctor is a good idea. There are several reasons bruises might not heal with some of the most common being a bleeding disorder, diabetes or low iron levels.

An Odd Lump or Bump

Lumps and bumps on the skin can happen and they are harmless in most cases. However, it is still a good idea to get a diagnosis. Some common causes include an allergic reaction, a cyst, an insect bite, acne or a corn or callus.

Make a note of these symptoms and consult a doctor for dermatology in Grosse Pointe. It is important that you do not allow these to go unchecked since there can sometimes be a serious underlying cause responsible for them.