One may wonder whether getting Botox from a Sterling Heights specialist is the right solution for fighting wrinkles. Many people curious about the use of Botox injections from a Sterling Heights specialist have concerns and questions about the treatment. In this article, we’ll take a bit of time to go over the most common issues and look at the surprising benefits to be gained from this famous cosmetic treatment.

What Can Botox Do?

If one has thought about cosmetic treatments and Botox injections from a Sterling Heights specialist, it is also important to understand just what Botox offers. In the plainest terms, Botox is a purified form of the botulinum toxin A. It works by impairing nerves that have the job of contracting muscles. When injected by a skilled dermatologist, it will soften the look of lines and wrinkles.

It works best on the wrinkles that appear when one moves the face, also known as dynamic wrinkles, rather than deep set lines, such as scowl or frown lines in the brow. Millions of men and women around the world have used it to address the signs of aging, and with great results. So, if a person has been curious about getting Botox from a Sterling Heights specialist in order to deal with fine lines and dynamic wrinkles, it will be a good choice.

Yet, there are more benefits to be gleaned from Botox injections. In fact, experts are now aware of several additional benefits from its use. They include:

  • Non-surgical option– Rather than having a surgical procedure done by a plastic surgeon, one can enjoy years of Botox use from a dermatologist, and with similar results. It is the most minimally invasive option for the forehead, neck, mouth and other areas of the face.
  • Effective on the brow– Many people decide to get surgical treatments when their brow has continually dropped lower and given them a fatigued appearance. However, getting Botox from a Sterling Heights specialist may actually lift the brow, giving one a more alert and youthful look.
  • May reduce migraine– In 2010, the Federal Drug Administration, FDA, approved the use of Botox injections as a preventative treatment for migraines. Though there are many kinds of migraine headache, and they are always triggered by different issues, many have found that one of the benefits of their Botox injections from a Sterling Heights expert is reduced migraine pain. Note that one would have to speak with the doctor ahead of treatment to determine if Botox is a good choice for this goal, particularly if one is hoping for migraine pain relief. Injection sites differ from cosmetic injection sites and may include areas such as the neck, forehead, and bridge of the nose, among other sites.
  • May curb heavy sweating– Another surprising benefit of Botox from a Sterling Heights provider is that it may help with the condition known as hyperhidrosis, which manifests as excessive underarm sweating. It was approved in 2004 by the FDA for treating this condition and if effective will need to be repeated at intervals varying to the individual. Note that a full diagnosis of hyperhidrosis should be done before pursuing this form of treatment.

Botox injections may also be put to use for conditions such as overactive bladder, vaginismus, and crossed eyes, though no FDA approvals are available for such use. It offers so many benefits because of its ability to target and relax muscles.

When one decides to opt for Botox from a Sterling Heights specialist, a person can expect it to last from three to four months depending upon the severity of the lines or wrinkles and the areas where they appear.

Preparing for Botox Injections from a Sterling Heights Provider

Once one has consulted with a cosmetic dermatologist about Botox treatments, one will need to know how to prepare for it most effectively. One of the first things a person must do is be clear with the doctor about expectations. A patient’s esthetics and the doctors may differ; and so, it’s important to speak plainly about what one hopes to achieve with treatment.

The next step is to possibly begin preparing ahead of time by ceasing the use of such medications as aspirin, ibuprofen (or any generic options), Excedrin, Vitamin E supplements, St. John’s Wart, fish oil, Omega 3 supplements, ginseng and Ginko Biloba supplements. These all boost risks of bruising at injection sites, so it’s important to consider if bruises are a major concern. Also, skipping alcoholic beverages for several days before treatment may be recommended.

On the day of treatment, patients are asked not to put on any makeup or skincare solutions. Everything will be washed away just before treatment. There is only a slight discomfort reported by most who receive Botox treatment, and the patient will need to pay attention to the doctor’s requests. For example, the doctor may ask the patient to frown or smile so they can inject the Botox in the most effective spots.

Once complete, one should be sure to use ice packs to help eliminate risks of swelling and bruising. It’s important to not touch the face for the first 24 hours and never rub it or apply any treatments. Patients are asked to avoid a lot of physical activity and never have any other facial treatments (peels, massages, etc.) done.

Patients need to give the treatment several days to take effect, but usually full effects appear within the 14 days and remain for several months after.

If one is eager to discover if Botox injections from a skin care expert will be a good solution to fighting signs of aging, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a Grosse Pointe dermatologist. They have a comprehensive array of cosmetic dermatology treatments in addition to their general dermatology options. With their support, one can overcome any common skin, hair, or nail conditions and also get esthetic improvements, including eliminating wrinkles with Botox.