The Many Benefits of Having a Dermatologist

Although most people typically don’t see a dermatologist until or unless they have a problem, there are certainly many benefits to seeing one regularly, or at least in having a relationship with one that will be available when needed. After all, it’s just as important for people to take care of their skin as the rest of their bodies. In many cases, working with a dermatologist can help people improve their skin health and offer numerous other benefits, even if there are no actual skin conditions or diagnoses present.

Prevention is Key

Most of the things that happen to the skin, especially those due to time and age, can be prevented or at least have their severity reduced. People who take care of their skin and seek out prevention are far less likely to have skin issues than those who do nothing until there is a problem. Dermatologists help people come up with a plan to not only improve the health of their skin now but to ensure that it stays healthier in the future.

The skin is fairly resilient, but avoiding serious damage is always better than trying to correct it. Thanks to advances in science and medicine, dermatology has come a long way in understanding how to better protect the skin and provide optimal skin health, even with various environmental factors involved. The benefit of working with a dermatologist is having access to all of this insight and the assistance to come up with a great prevention plan as a result.

Someone to Call

Even with a minor skin issue, Google can be the enemy. It’s not difficult to go from a small red bump that’s probably acne to panicking about a serious medical condition or concern, thanks to the wealth of information (and misinformation) available online. People like having a reliable source of information, and when help is just an appointment or phone call away, no skin issue is too small. Most doctors have nurses and others on staff to assist in answering phone calls and handling patient questions, no matter how big or small they might be.

In today’s fast-paced world where so many major medical centers treat people like a record number, having that personal connection can make all the difference. Knowing that there is someone available to answer questions and help with skin health gives many people peace of mind and helps them feel more in control.

Beat Aging From the Beginning

Another great benefit of having a dermatologist is that in addition to helping prevent age-related skin issues, they can catch any as soon as they start and ensure the best anti-aging procedures for each individual to help the skin get back on track. When people tackle the signs of aging early, it can prevent a lot of future damage and even help improve other aspects of physical and mental wellbeing. Building a relationship with someone helps people get solutions that are better tailored not just to their health and skincare needs, but to their lifestyle.

Acne Assistance

Even something as “simple” or “typical” as acne can be taken care of by a dermatologist. Sure, some people might only get the occasional pimple or breakout, but others have chronic or lifelong issues with this skin condition. Sometimes, seeing a dermatologist is the only option. They will have access to better treatments and more focused solutions based on the nature of the skin problem that is present. While something like acne might not seem worthy of a dermatologist, it’s one of the things they treat most frequently. Everyone can take advantage of that.


One of the best perks to having a regular dermatologist, especially for those who care about the way their body works so that they can keep it in the best condition, is that they will now know what that means for their skin. In addition to offering treatments and solutions, dermatologists also provide a wealth of information and education for patients on various skin conditions, how the skin works, what can affect its proper function, and more. From lessons on proper skincare to the latest treatments for conditions like eczema, a professional will have the best knowledge.

What About Hair Loss?

Many people are surprised to learn that dermatologists can also assist with issues like hair loss. After all, hair follicles are technically a part of the scalp, which is also considered skin. They will be able to perform bloodwork and sample the scalp tissue to get to the root cause of the issue, whether that may be genetics or an underlying health condition. Then, they will be able to advise on the best course of action.

They may also be able to provide insight and assistance for those who are genetically prone to baldness, helping to stave off the hair loss for as long as possible. There are several medications and treatment regimens to help prevent hair loss and improve hair and scalp health, but only a professional will know what’s best. Science has come a long way in hair restoration and hair loss prevention, and that’s something many people could benefit from.

Choose a Reputable Local Professional

Anyone considering anti-aging procedures in Sterling Heights or other skincare services should always enlist the help of a qualified dermatologist. There are many providers in the area, of course, and they are not all created equally. Some may not use the latest treatments or equipment to provide services or may be too far away.  Whatever it may be, people should look at the options and compare them to determine what will be best.

The quest for the best dermatologist Sterling Heights has to offer should include reading reviews and getting recommendations, if possible. People generally find that when they choose a reputable provider that was suggested by friends or family, or even just highly rated online, they have a much better experience. Whether it’s a serious skin issue or just for one of the many benefits discussed above, having a dermatologist can help everyone feel better about their skin and take better care of it, too.