Many people would like to have a fit and toned physique. However, they might have issues dealing with some of the trouble spots on their body. They aren’t able to get the sculpted physique they want. It can feel frustrating.

Fortunately, there are options available that can help. EMsculpt can be a wonderful choice for cosmetic dermatology in Detroit, as it offers a range of benefits. Below are some of the benefits, along with information that most potential patients want to know regarding the procedure.

The Benefits of Getting EMsculpt from a Cosmetic Dermatologist in Detroit

There are many procedures for improving the look and feel of the body, but EMsculpt stands apart from so many of the other options out there. It provides a range of benefits.

For starters, EMsculpt is highly effective. It can provide impressive results in a relatively short period. When compared with other methods of building muscle for stubborn bodies, it is a stellar solution. The procedure can also help to improve and boost metabolism. Some patients have experienced an impressive increase in fat metabolism, which has helped them to sculpt their bodies even more quickly.

Another one of the primary benefits is that the procedure is 100% noninvasive. The device is used to target the muscles, which means there is no need for surgery. Because it is effective, it’s becoming a popular alternative to other types of cosmetic procedures. Not only is there no surgery, but there is essentially no downtime after getting the procedure done.

While there are certainly benefits to EMsculpt, it’s natural for many patients to still feel somewhat skeptical. Take the time to learn more about what EMsculpt offers and why it could be a great choice for those who are looking to change their body.

What Does EMsculpt Do?

EMsculpt is an FDA-cleared means of body contouring. The energy device can help to build muscle, which will help burn fat. The device uses HIFEM, which is high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology as a means to induce powerful muscle contractions that couldn’t be achieved through normal, voluntary contractions.

Because of the strength of the contractions, the muscle tissue has to adapt to the changes. It does this by remodeling its inner structure, which means more muscle mass is added to the body. When the body has more muscle mass, it can burn more fat. The process of EMsculpt can help to shape and carve the body that the patient has always wanted. Of course, those who are interested in the procedure will likely have quite a few more questions before getting started.

Are There Risks?

One of the reasons that EMsculpt is a popular option is that there are not any risks associated with the procedure. The patients might feel that their muscles are a bit sore after they have undergone the procedure, but there should not be any other issues.

Of course, before someone gets EMsculpt from a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit, the specialist will make sure they are a good candidate. Fortunately, most people will be good candidates. Those who are pregnant or who have health conditions may not be good candidates, though. The doctors will talk with the patients about their history and health to determine whether getting EMsculpt right now will be a good option for them.

Does Getting EMsculpt Hurt?

The procedure is non-invasive, and it doesn’t cause any pain during the procedure. However, the muscles will have strong contractions that may have an unusual feeling. There should not be pain, though. After the treatment, there may be muscle soreness the following day. After all, the muscles are contracting faster and stronger than they would through a normal workout, so it makes sense that the muscles might feel sore. The feeling should be similar to a strenuous workout.

What’s the EMsculpt Treatment Like?

Those who are going to be getting the procedure will find that there will typically be at least four sessions with the doctor. There could be more based on the patient’s needs and what they decide with their doctor. Each of the sessions is generally scheduled between two and three days apart. Each of the sessions is only about 20 minutes to half an hour long.

People who are interested in the procedure can speak with the specialists at the clinic to learn more and to set up a treatment plan that will work well for their needs and goals.

When Can Results Be Expected?

One of the fantastic things about EMsculpt is that results are often felt immediately. Patients will feel the muscles working hard during the procedure, and they can start to see results within a couple of weeks. Those results continue to improve for several weeks after the treatment. Because this is not an invasive procedure, it also means that there is not any downtime to worry about after getting treatment. There is virtually no pre- or post-treatment preparation either.

How Long Will the Results Last?

When someone opts for EMsculpt, they are changing their body and gaining more muscle. If they continue to work out and have a healthy diet, they can keep the results for a long time. In some cases, patients might need to return to their cosmetic dermatology specialist in Detroit for some follow-up treatments. Those who get the procedure should keep an eye on their body and talk with the professionals if they notice they might need to have more treatments in the future.

Choose a Quality Cosmetic Dermatologist in Detroit for Treatment

When looking for EMsculpt, be sure to work with a clinic for cosmetic dermatology in Detroit that offers this type of procedure. Learn more about the doctors who work for the clinic and what they can provide. Do they have plenty of experience working with the technology? Those who are interested in the procedure should spend just as much time looking for the perfect licensed physicians to handle it as they do learning about the procedure itself.