Dermatology has come a long way in the past decade or so, offering a lot more solutions for people who need better help with their skin health and other related issues. There are plenty of dermatologists offering various services to people, but one of the best things that people can do is find a local provider that they can trust and who will be there when they are needed the most.

Finding the right dermatology provider in Sterling Heights is all about choosing someone that suits one’s needs — it’s rarely an issue of insurance because many cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance. A person’s goal will be to find a reputable provider with experience, expertise, and testimonials that showcase just what they’re capable of. When one does that, they’ll be well on their way to reaping the benefits of a local dermatologist.


The Difference Between Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology


Generally speaking, medical dermatology procedures are considered necessary and even in specialties like this, they may be covered by health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare coverage. Several procedures and conditions will require a dermatologist for care. These would have medical causes, and they are the issues that are more likely to be covered by health insurance because they are deemed “necessary.”

Cosmetic dermatology in Grosse Pointe is all about providing people with care and procedures that they want but may not necessarily “need.” For example, things like Botox injections and anti-aging procedures are common options for those who seek out cosmetic dermatologists. Those treatments and procedures may be beneficial to people and offer various health perks, but they aren’t considered a required treatment, and therefore will typically be required to be paid for out of the patient’s own pocket.

Cosmetic refers to anything that is designed for aesthetic improvement. If it also provides any medical improvement, that’s considered a bonus. Some procedures may qualify as both. This is something that varies from one provider to the next in many cases, though, so patients will need to inquire about their options and the different treatments. In most cases, if it’s aesthetic in nature or related to aging, it’s probably considered cosmetic.


Cosmetic Treatments-Dermatologist vs. Plastic Surgeon


Some people get caught up in the semantics of cosmetic surgery versus cosmetic dermatology. While the two fields may have slight overlap in areas, the surgical procedures for face and body are strictly performed by plastic surgeons and are more invasive procedures. Cosmetic surgeons obviously specialize in surgical procedures for face and body. Dermatologists may perform minor procedures in their office for the skin, some even performing liposuction, but not major surgery of skin and body tissues. They can provide insight and help patients with determine whether they would be good candidates for non-surgical treatments and procedures, or be referred to plastic surgery.

Although it’s a tricky distinction on the surface, it’s one of note when people are considering these treatments. Some anti-aging and cosmetic procedures may require the assistance of a surgeon. However, it’s generally best for someone to start at the dermatologist and then go from there.


The Pros and Cons of Local Care


Some people look for specialty cosmetic dermatologists not near home or consider traveling with medical tourism, which has become a popular option for those who want cosmetic surgery and certain procedures that are more affordable and attainable in other states or countries. Some people also choose to travel because they are seeking a certain provider.

While medical tourism is a cool concept, it’s not necessary. Some of the best providers of cosmetic dermatology are found right in people’s own “backyards.” Today’s specialists are more capable than ever, and modern technology is offering a lot more in the way of anti-aging and skincare improvements from cosmetic dermatologists.

If people are looking for reputable dermatology services in the region to help with various cosmetic needs, they’ll be pleased to know that they have options. Working with local dermatologists for all cosmetic services, including things like anti-aging, Botox, and other skincare needs, will make it easy for people to get the procedures, local.

When dermatology patients in Grosse Pointe choose a local provider, they’ll be able to schedule appointments with ease, make recurring appointments for future treatments, and trust that if there’s ever a problem, they can call and get it resolved with relative ease.

Choosing a local board certified dermatologist gives patients peace of mind that the doctors are educated, trained, and licensed by the proper medical boards and authorities in the United States. While medical tourism offers a lot of potential, it doesn’t offer this peace of mind. Doctors may be more than willing to disclose where they were educated and what training they have, but if they’re not based in the US, they may not be held to the same standards of care or education.


It’s All About Balance


Finding the right dermatologist is all about finding the balance. People should consider what they want in terms of cosmetic care or anti-aging procedures. Are they just looking for a chemical peel or simple Botox treatment, or do they need something like a full facelift or a referral for major cosmetic surgery? Today’s medical field makes it easy for people to get the services and treatments that they want, right in the convenience of their own neighborhood, and it doesn’t even have to cost a small fortune.

By having a better understanding of cosmetic treatments and the people who provide them, it will be much easier for people in Sterling Heights to find the local dermatology practice that they need for cosmetic procedures, anti-aging, general skin health, and so much more. When the skin looks and feels better, people tend to feel better inside and out, making cosmetic dermatology good for the skin and the confidence, too