Aging skin is a naturally complex and biological process. Skin losing its healthy glow is one of the first and most noticeable signs of aging. Signs of aging can stem from many different factors (both innate and environmental) and while it can’t be avoided, the list of causes truly runs the gamut.  From unwanted stress and excessive sun exposure to poor hygiene or the natural pull of gravity, the health and vitality of the skin can be impacted by all of these factors.

Unfortunately, in the days of youth, some people may not take good care of their skin, truly believing that the signs of aging will never arrive. Protecting the skin is rarely (if ever) top of mind for those in the throes of the youthful stages. During these times people simply fail to invest the time in following basic skin care recommendations. While this saves time in the short-haul, it can result in pangs of regret down the road. Wearing sunscreen and other SPF blockers, drinking lots of water, and washing and exfoliating daily are great ways to get started early in taking better care of the skin.

Aging skin is simply a natural part of the life cycle, although the time of onset, trajectory, and intensity may vary from person to person. While most people cringe at the thought of aging, the good news is there are ways to slow down and even reverse these natural signals of age. It’s never too late to begin thinking about healthier, happier skin so visiting a cosmetic dermatologist in Sterling Heights and exploring the possibilities is never a wrong move. Here are five anti-aging procedures skin care experts recommend as effective steps towards a more refined and youthful glow.

Neurotoxin Injections

As aging begins its ascent, the skin naturally begins to lose elasticity. The vibrant nature of youthful skin stems from the skin’s ability to turnover and remain flexible. With age, the loss of elasticity transforms into visible fine lines and wrinkles. These wrinkles tend to sit and show predominantly around the eyes, forehead crease, and mouth because these facial muscles are used most frequently for everyday expressions (smiles, frowns, laughs, etc.).

A Grosse Pointe area skin care doctor can assist with correcting these lines and wrinkles with varying degrees of neurotoxin injections. The most popular injection in the Detroit area is Botox followed closely by Dysport treatments. In both cases, a fine needle is used to “fill” the problem areas and relax the muscles. In Dysport treatments, the injection can reach a little deeper than Botox treatments, but both options are fairly effective. Both options block muscle contractions, thus naturally reducing the appearance of fine lines. As always, speaking to a dermatologist and working with an experienced professional is recommended, to avoid the risk of a “frozen” or “stiff” appearance. The injections should create a natural-looking appearance and help in achieving a more youthful glow.

Ultherapy Sculpting Solutions

Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure using ultrasound techniques. The power of ultrasound has been used in medicine for many years and the transformative power of this solution on the skin is highly effective. This option is great for anyone who may shy away from needles. In this anti-aging regimen, collagen is stimulated in a more targeted way resulting in a significant lift in tissue that is easily noticeable by the naked eye and cannot be achieved by any natural supplements. The treatment is quick and simplistic and offers a great alternative to more invasive surgeries. Ultherapy is definitely one of the most effective anti-aging procedures cosmetic dermatologists recommend.

Volumizing Treatments

With age, the skin also tends to lose volume in addition to the loss of elasticity. Sagging is a common complaint for many patients and the effects can include anything from sunken cheeks to hollow eyes to contouring issues. This change is unwelcome, but there are dermatological solutions for the issue of “lost volume”.  There are a variety of safe, volumizing fillers on the market including Sculptra Aesthetic, Voluma XC, and Restylane Lyft to name a few. Some of the products offer more immediate results than others and there are pros and cons to each. A healthy dose of research and a consultation with a dermatologist is the most important step for any person looking to go with a volumizing, corrective filler.

H2O Boost

In addition to the many anti-aging procedures a dermatologist may recommend, there are some things that can be accomplished without surgical help. For one, controlled H2O intake is a great jump starter. It is a known fact that water is a natural step towards glowing, fulfilled skin. It’s recommended that an individual drink at least eight cups of water daily. Increasing water consumption plumps up the skin and serves as a natural volumizer. Hydration is key when it comes to youthful skin so taking it up a notch when it comes to water consumption is a no-brainer.

A Religious Skin Care Routine

Secondly, there is simply no substitute for a solid skincare regimen. With diligent devotion to a tried and true routine, people will not only feel healthier but notice a significant difference in the surface appearance of the skin. Exfoliation and intentioned moisturizing are best practices for anyone concerned about the implications of aging on the skin. Additionally, speaking to a dermatologist about products with rejuvenating ingredients (like retinol and Vitamin C) is a great idea. These experts can recommend the right combo for each skin type enhancing the look and feel of the skin in an effective way.

Speak to a Dermatologist and Get on the Right Path with Your Skin Care

For anyone with skin care concerns, speaking to a dermatologist in Sterling Heights is a great first step. Age can really take its toll, but tackling the issues head-on with professional help can lead to dramatic, life-altering results.