Dermatology is one of the most respected and specialized branches of medicine.  However, unlike a routine checkup in women’s health or a regular physical exam, visits to the dermatologist’s office aren’t as common. Skincare is simply not top of mind for many patients and the routine associated with healthy skin is not often labeled a priority. Instead, many people try at-home remedies to qualm skin care issues, but this strategy can backfire and can even be detrimental to both physical and mental well-being. Patients concerned about skin issues should visit with a local doctor of dermatology for guidance on any underlying issues as well as proper diagnosis and treatment.

Dermatologists are highly educated and possess a well-rounded skill set when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of skin-related concerns. A regular visit to the dermatologist could even uncover additional health problems that wouldn’t be found with a routine checkup. This reason alone is enough to persuade even the biggest skeptics, but there are more reasons to appreciate a good dermatologist and engage in regular self-care when it comes to skin health. For Metro Detroit Michigan residents, dermatology in Sterling Heights can help with any skin-related concerns. Visiting with an experienced team of Grosse Pointe dermatologists will ensure that patients receive top tier care. Here are a few more reasons to make a visit with a dermatologist a priority:

Regular Assessments Can Detect Issues Early

Many patients mistakenly assume that a dermatologist is only needed when it comes to cosmetic corrections. While it’s true that many facets of dermatology include cosmetic services, these physicians often see patients for more serious skin-related issues. That said, one of the more common reasons to visit doctors of dermatology in Grosse Pointe (or elsewhere) is to get an initial assessment of skin health. It’s difficult to pinpoint changes in the skin’s texture, color, and vitality over time without a good starting base.

Dermatology physicians in Sterling Heights recommend patients undergo an initial skin checkup and then engage in regular visits. Dermatologists are uniquely qualified to examine the skin and this expertise can ultimately identify any negative trends or issues with the skin’s health, while also potentially uncovering other health-related issues. There are a variety of health diagnoses that can be found through a skin evaluation. For example, yellowing skin could be an indication of early liver failure, while pinpoint red spots can be a sign of leukemia or low platelet counts. A dermatologist might uncover these signals in an assessment, then refer the patient to a specialist to deal with the underlying issues. In short, routine skin check-ups not only promote healthy, glowing skin, but they can also help address other areas of a patient’s overall health.

Self-Esteem Can Be Raised With a Visit to a Dermatologist in Grosse Pointe

Many people choose to visit a dermatologist for personal or cosmetic reasons. Dealing with signs of aging are some of the most common reasons that people visit dermatologists.  Skin tends to change with age due to years of sun exposure, harsh cleansing products, weight fluctuations and an assortment of other skin altering experiences. While the aging process is inevitable, doctors of dermatology are experienced in administering a variety of cosmetic procedures designed to reverse the effects of aging.

Neurotoxin injections are the most common cosmetic procedure used to address aging skin. With age, the epithelial tissue tends to lose its bounce and elasticity. Collagen production is diminished with age and protein production is slowed, taking away from the fullness of the skin. This dull, sagging sensation can be alarming, but the use of neurotoxin injections can help reverse these negative effects. Dermatologists in Sterling Heights are licensed to administer neurotoxin injections (like BOTOX®, DYSPORT®, OR JEUVEAU®) to resolve wrinkles. Volumizing fillers (like Sculptra Aesthetic, Voluma XC, and Restylane Lyft) are another way to address concerns with volume loss. All of these products work by injecting lost collagen back into the facial space providing a more youthful complexion. Patients can enjoy peace of mind in the hands of a qualified doctor of dermatology.

Discoloration is another telltale sign of aging. Spotting and pigmentation inconsistencies are pretty common during the aging process, but dermatologists in Sterling Heights can help address discoloration issues using a variety of methods. Discoloration is often caused by an increase in melanin. Doctors of dermatology in Grosse Pointe can prescribe a variety of products that contain ingredients like retinoids and Vitamin C which serve as natural agents against melanin production. A physician may also recommend products like chemical peels and laser therapy to correct discoloration on a more permanent basis.

A Visit to a Dermatologist Can Increase Comfort

Dermatologists are also qualified to diagnose and treat a variety of issues that cause discomfort. Problems like dandruff, warts, painful acne, or skin rash are just a few of the many conditions that can be addressed with a visit to a dermatologist. Doctors of dermatology can detect symptoms early on and prescribe a variety of oral medications, creams, and therapies to assist with the healing process.

It’s Time to Visit the Physicians of Dermatology in Grosse Pointe

Regardless of age, gender, and circumstance, visiting a dermatologist on a regular basis is highly recommended. The skin is an important organ so it’s vital to be proactive in taking care of it. Visiting with a dermatologist can lead to information on overall skin care; consultation and procedures to fight signs of aging; and tests for conditions that may show symptoms on the skin’s surface. While healthy, happy, skin takes time and work, the return is well worth the investment!