Top Questions on Dysport®Age can cause many changes in the appearance of your face, including unwanted wrinkles and lines. Fortunately, Dysport® is an injectable that can serve as an effective solution for common age-related cosmetic concerns, such as wrinkles and lines.

So, what is Dysport®? Let’s answer some common questions patients have about this treatment.

  1. What is Dysport and what does it treat? Dysport is an injectable filler that has been used effectively for many years. With age, the skin can lose its elasticity, causing it to become saggy and loose. When Dysport is injected into a targeted area, such as the forehead, the muscles will become immobilized, giving the patient firmer, more youthful-looking skin. In addition to cosmetic purposes, Dysport is also used to relieve neck pains, and underarm sweating.
  2. Is Dysport considered safe? Most patients will experience safe and very successful results following this injection. Dysport is FDA-approved, and is composed of the same proteins found in BOTOX Cosmetic. There is no anesthesia required for the injection, which takes just minutes to complete. Some patients experience temporary side-effects, such as soreness, but fortunately side-effects subside fairly quickly. It is also extremely important that you seek injections from an experienced doctor who has a great deal of knowledge about this treatment, so you will receive the best results and treatment possible.
  3. How long will my results last? How long your results last will depend on the individual. However, most patients will see noticeable results within a week of the injection. While most results will last a few months, others may see results that last up to a year! Although results normally vary, some will see results lasting up to a year! Patients will often choose to undergo additional injections so that they can maintain their results even longer.
  4. Am I a good candidate for this injection? Ideal candidates for Dysport injections are otherwise healthy adults who wish to restore the appearance of their skin. Speak with your doctor today so that you get all the necessary information on this treatment!


Dysport® Treatments in Grosse Pointe

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