psoriasisPsoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes the appearance of thick red patches of skin. In addition to being embarrassing, psoriasis can often be painful and uncomfortable. It is estimated that millions of men and women suffer from this condition, which is known to flare from time to time and then quickly subside.

Here are some of the most important things to know about this common skin condition.

  1. Its exact cause is unknown. The exact cause of psoriasis is often a subject of debate among doctors, since its exact causes are still not known. However, many skincare experts believe the condition is related to the immune system. Often, in patients with the condition, key white blood cells (called T cells) attack healthy skin cells by mistake. Normally, T cells travel throughout the body to detect and fight off foreign substances. A patient’s family history can also play a huge role in the appearance of this condition.
  2. There are several common symptoms associated with psoriasis. While the symptoms of this condition can vary from patient to patient, there are several symptoms that are extremely common among most patients. These symptoms include swollen, stiff joints, dry, cracked skin that bleeds easily, itchy skin, and large red patches on the skin. Medication can often help relieve and control a patient’s flares.
  3. Psoriasis flares can be triggered by several factors. This condition can often be worsened by environmental factors, including extremely cold, dry weather, or overexposure to the sun. Infections, such as strep throat, can trigger the condition. Certain habits, such as smoking cigarettes or heavy consumption of alcohol, can often psoriasis flares, so patients with the condition are usually advised to curb these habits.
  4. There are many treatments available. In addition to medication prescribed by a doctor, there are many at-home treatments patients turn to to help control and relieve their symptoms. Some of these treatments include creams and ointments, anti-inflammatory drugs, or vitamin D supplements. Since psoriasis flares can often be caused by stress, it is important to try to keep your stress levels low.

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