Over time, the effects of aging become more apparent and many people consider cosmetic options to recapture a more youthful, healthy appearance through non-surgical treatments including Botox.

Botox is a great option for the battle against frown lines, forehead creases and crow’s feet.  Both men and women have found that Botox can take years off their appearance by smoothing wrinkles caused by everyday expressions such as laughing, smiling or frowning.]

Before and After Results

Dr. Balle can provide “before and after” photos that will show the results of Botox, which are reduced wrinkles from aging.  Witnessing the talent of Dr. Balle can be extremely helpful in making the decision to get Botox.  Before and after results can show what kind of results they can realistically expect.

What to Expect

Botox is injected into the muscle of the specific area with very little discomfort.  The overall procedure is quick and you can resume your normal daily activities immediately after the treatment. Once the procedure is complete, the patient will be able to see noticeable changes in the area treated in a few days, with full results showing within two weeks.

Those who are looking for the best way to look younger can contact Dr. Balle, a Board Certified Expert Injector in the Grosse Pointe or Sterling Heights area to schedule a consultation.