Emsculpt is a body contouring treatment that is a relatively recent and technologically enhanced treatment type that is designed to firm up different parts of the skin. It’s a non-invasive toning procedure that has been making waves within the world of plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology in Detroit. Patients can tone their muscles, reduce body fat, and look more defined, making them feel stronger and more energetic.


The cutting-edge technology doesn’t even require downtime afterward, and there are different ways that patients can maximize their results once the procedure has been completed. Here is an overview of how Emsculpt works.

Using Energy to Tone and Tighten

Emsculpt is a procedure focused on muscle toning. It is known for its fat-burning properties, allowing patients to reshape their bodies and, in tandem with a healthy lifestyle, helps people feel younger and look better than before. Emsculpt is a high-intensity device that uses electromagnetic energy to penetrate the muscles and contract the affected area being treated. The first two letters of Emsculpt are derived from the electromagnetic aspect of the device.


The electromagnetic energy from the Emsculpt device is used to trigger 20,000 supramaximal contractions throughout the body. The contractions are triggered within 30 minutes and are not achievable through voluntary muscle action. Whenever the body is exposed to supramaximal contractions, the muscle tissue quickly adapts under increased pressure. The body responds to the pressure by completely remodeling the inner structure, improving muscle building and consistently burning fat cells.


The device was officially approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is used by a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit to improve body shape and function. It’s the only device of its kind to work out underlying muscles, delivering the type of contouring results that non-invasive body shaping procedures, by comparison, cannot produce as consistently.


Emsculpt uses the energy to tone and tighten the body. Patients can improve their abdominal tone using Emsculpt, strengthening their ab muscles and making them firmer. Additionally, patients can tone and strengthen their glutes utilizing the technology.


Emsculpt is the latest in a line of nonsurgical fat reduction devices like CoolSculpting, a device used to freeze fat, and SculpSure, which uses a laser to melt fat. Emsculpt has risen considerably in popularity in recent years, with more clinics and medical professionals adopting advanced technology. As mentioned, Emsculpt is best recommended to accompany an active, healthy lifestyle rather than be a standalone treatment to aid a better waistline and firm muscles. It isn’t a substitute for healthy eating and exercise. But, by combining the Emsculpt with a healthy lifestyle, patients are primed to see quicker results whenever they are treated by the device. The Emsculpt is recommended as an add-on treatment for a healthier body, doing for the body what botox injections do for the face.

Who are the Best Candidates to Undergo an Emsculpt Procedure?

The ideal candidates to undergo a procedure using Emsculpt are patients who are thinner and fit, seeking added ab definition, and want more of a lift with their glutes. People with more generalized body fat won’t see a huge difference when using Emsculpt. Skincare doctors recommend that active patients who want to eradicate small stubborn areas across the body should use Emsculpt. Such patients can potentially achieve six-pack abs and significantly change the appearance of the stomach and the lower half of the body.


Emsculpt is a popular device for both men and women that can not only be used to tone the body significantly but can also be used to accelerate injury recovery. Athletes use Emsculpt to recover from sports injuries, and physical therapists opt for Emsculpt to quickly strengthen muscles that have been weakened due to an injury or abrasion. Men and women with specific weight loss goals should consider using the electromagnetically-powered device.


However, patients with electronics implanted in their body, like a pacemaker in the heart, are not recommended to use Emsculpt. Additionally, patients with serious hernia problems should not use Emsculpt. No metal can be near the device due to how strong it is. Serious consultation with a medical professional should be sought by patients who desire to use the Emsculpt device.

What are the Results that Emsculpt Provides Patients?

With Emsculpt, patients can expect a much leaner and more toned version of themselves after completing a procedure with the patented technology. Studies have shown that patients show up to 20% more muscle growth within the affected area after using the Emsculpt as patients will begin feeling tangible results immediately.


The most positive results post-procedure can be between two to four weeks after a procedure with the Emsculpt has been completed. After two weeks, the body feels like it has been through a full workout with a personal trainer and if the patient has been eating well and controlling fat intake for a considerable period. Results are motivational for patients with specific weight goals.


The results from an Emsculpt treatment depend on how active the patient’s lifestyle is. There are some patients that use Emsculpt and maintain their firmest tones with healthy eating and regular exercise. However, some patients may require multiple treatments for maintenance purposes. Using core workouts combined with Emsculpt treatment is a good way to maintain the look and feel provided by the electromagnetic procedure for as long as possible. Follow-up treatments may range from monthly to once a year, whenever necessary.


There are side effects to be wary of after treatment, such as minor soreness and fatigue as, in some cases, Emsculpt treatment may lead patients to feel just as tired as they would while doing a complete workout. The contractions that Emsculpt triggers can also reduce lactic acid in the body, including for people who like to swim, preventing patients from getting too sore as too much lactic acid in the body can cause soreness.



The Emsculpt marks the new wave of body reshaping and is something to consider when accelerating the weight loss journey and making it more successful than previously imagined.