Spending hours in the gym and keeping one’s diet in check should be enough to ensure a fabulous, lean, and toned appearance. However, there are thousands of people who work out daily, eat a clean and healthy diet, and stay active with lots of cardiovascular and weight training in their daily routine, yet they still cannot get the look they desire. This inability to attain the looks they’ve strived for often causes a great deal of frustration. When healthy, diet-conscious people simply cannot rid themselves of unwanted pockets of fat, their frustration can turn into serious psychological problems, including anxiety and depression.


It’s True that Some Fat is Diet- and Exercise-Resistant

It has been proven time and again that some fat truly is diet- and exercise-resistant. For some people, the lingering fat can cause feelings of inadequacy because the results they are working so hard to achieve just cannot be attained no matter how hard they try. Women who want to look stunning in a little black dress with high heels and men who want to show off their six-pack abs at the pool are demoralized when they can’t rid themselves of bulges and unsightly rolls. They wake up every day asking themselves why they cannot get the looks they see in fitness magazines or Instagram posts, and they develop some serious doubts about themselves.


What’s A Person to Do?

There is an answer to safely build muscle and target and remove fat cells permanently. The procedures that can work independently or together are called Emsculpt® and Coolsculpting®, and many fitness-minded individuals, including those in the fitness industry, are discovering that the body they’ve been working toward is attainable with a little help from these painless and simple procedures. Seeking out a consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit to learn more about body contouring is a step many people are taking to achieve the results they’ve dreamed of for many years.


Whether it’s the back, flanks, stomach, buttocks, inner thighs, outer thighs, arms, and calves, Emsculpt® and Coolsculpting®, are painless procedures that many people are taking advantage of, and they couldn’t be happier with the results. They’re actually asking themselves why on earth they did not seek out help at a Detroit dermatology clinic sooner. It has been proven that the psychological aspects of body contouring procedures greatly improve the patient’s view of themselves as well as their overall outlook on life.


Genetic Tendencies Cannot Be Changed

There are genetic tendencies in some people to have a large number of fat cells in certain areas of the body like the abdomen, legs, ankles, hips, or midriff. When someone is predisposed to this excess fat, there is no amount of clean eating or working out that will remove the unwanted fat in these areas. That’s where Emsculpt® and Coolsculpting® come into play. CoolSculpting is a treatment option that helps people get rid of this pesky diet- and exercise-resistant fat. Happily, technology has afforded dermatology clinics in Detroit the ability to offer non-invasive procedures to eliminate this stubborn fat, and it really works. No need to go under the knife. People can get treatments on their lunch hour.


While losing weight can help individuals stay healthy, it does not get people the body contours they desire with regard to their physique. Excess skin and sagginess may be an undesired result of weight loss. By seeking out the opinion of a dermatology clinic in Detroit, individuals who want a solution to their unwanted fat may also be advised to seek help to achieve the look of the skin desired by also consulting with a Plastic Surgeon.


How Does EMsculpt Work?

EMsculpt uses high-intensity, focused electromagnetic technology via a device that is placed on the patient’s targeted area. Supramaximal contractions are produced in the trouble spot while the patient relaxes comfortably. During a 30-minute session, as many as 20,000 contractions occur, which is something that’s humanly unattainable with a traditional session in the gym. EMsculpt targets deep, hard-to-reach muscles, and the surprising reality is that after this focused electromagnetic procedure, the patient isn’t sore like they would be if they did thousands of reps at the gym. A nice effect is the elimination of extra fat cells in the area as well. Cosmetic dermatology clinics in Detroit recommend the series of four to six treatments, two to three days apart, patients will see optimal results and even feel an increase in tightness and strength in the former trouble areas. Surprisingly, some patients report that immediately following their very first treatment, they notice an improvement in their body.


How Does Coolsculpting Work?


Collsculpting uses a temperature-regulated suction cup to target and freeze the affected area of stubborn fat, causing permanent elimination of 20-25% of the fat cells in each cycle. Each area takes 35-45 minutes to complete and multiple body areas can be treated in one day. During the treatment the patient relaxes comfortably and the cold sensation is typically only felt for the first 8-10 minutes. Results are seen over the course of 3 months. Multiple treatments may be needed depending on the amount of fatty tissue in the area. The average for best results is two sessions.


How Do I Choose?

Each individual’s needs are different, and the cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit will help tailor a treatment plan for each individual to achieve the desired results with sessions that fit within their busy schedule. It is possible for individuals to schedule these pain-free treatments during their lunch hour, and there’s absolutely no downtime. People can resume their normal daily activities, go back to work, or go out for dinner immediately following either of these treatments.


What about Maintenance?

To maintain their desired look, each treatment depends on maintenance of goal weight and continued fitness healthy eating practices.  Each individual will be guided by their Detroit cosmetic dermatologist on an individual plan specific to them, based on their targeted areas and results. The maintenance treatments don’t need to be scheduled until roughly three months after the last CoolSculpting or EMsculpt procedure.


Finally Achieve Elusive Results

By zeroing in on hard-to-work muscles, a contoured look that people are longing for is achieved. Those nagging areas of fat they’ve tried in vain to vanquish or flabby areas that needed toning are greatly improved.

Self-confidence is elevated after the very first session, and people report they actually feel like they have a new lease on life. People are astonished by the new look they can achieve by enlisting the help of a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit. After the treatment plan is completed, people feel an enormous sense of satisfaction and overall happiness. There’s no reason to wait. People all over the nation are getting the results they desire with a little help from body contouring by Coolsculpting and EMsculpt.