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Actinic Keratoses

Actinic keratoses, often referred to as AKs, are common skin lesions that typically develop as a result of long-term sun exposure. These lesions are considered precancerous, as they have the potential to progress into skin cancer, particularly squamous cell carcinoma, if left untreated. Actinic keratoses typically appear as rough, scaly patches on the skin, varying in color from flesh-toned to reddish-brown. They are most commonly found on areas frequently exposed to the sun, such as the face, ears, neck, scalp, chest, back of hands, and forearms. It is essential to address actinic keratoses promptly, as they serve as an early warning sign of potential skin cancer. Treatment options for actinic keratoses include cryotherapy (freezing), topical medications (such as 5-fluorouracil or imiquimod), laser therapy, chemical peels, or photodynamic therapy, depending on the number and location of the lesions. Timely treatment can reduce the risk of these lesions progressing to more serious skin cancers, making regular skin checks and sun protection practices crucial in preventing skin damage and disease.


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