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Dysplastic Nevi

Dysplastic nevi, also known as atypical moles, are skin lesions that exhibit atypical features when compared to regular moles. While the exact cause of dysplastic nevi is not fully understood, there is a genetic component, and they often occur in individuals with a family history of melanoma. These moles tend to be larger, irregularly shaped, and may have varying shades of color within them, ranging from light brown to dark brown. Their borders can also be indistinct, and they may appear somewhat different from one another on the same person. Dysplastic nevi are considered a risk factor for melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. Therefore, individuals with dysplastic nevi should have regular skin examinations by a dermatologist, as early detection and monitoring are crucial. Treatment options for dysplastic nevi typically involve close observation, but if a mole shows concerning changes or features, it may be biopsied and examined for signs of melanoma to ensure early intervention if necessary. Regular skin exams, sun protection, and vigilant self-monitoring of moles are essential for individuals with dysplastic nevi to reduce their risk of developing melanoma.


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